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Communication Skills In English (GES 100, GSS 101

The course seeks to develop in the students a well-informed attitude towards the English language and to equip them with a knowledge of English communication and study, skills that will facilitate their work in the university. Lecturers and tutorial will cover the use of the library, study methods, grammar, punctuation and mechanics, principle of  effective writing, word use, reading and comprehension. 

MTH 110, MTH 102, GMT 150

MTH 110 is design to introduce 100 level students to elementary notions of sets, subsets union, intersection, 

complements, Venn diagrams, Real numbers, Integers, rational and irrationals, mappings of set. Real functions and their compositions. Quadratic functions. Partial functions. Cubic functions, Roots of quadratic and cubic functions. Partial functions. Equation with complex roots. Complex numbers. Principles of mathematical Induction.  Binomial Theorem. Trigonometric functions of angles, circular function.  Addition theorem. Double and half angle.

MTH 120

Function of a real variable, grams units and ideas of continuity. The derivative as unit of rate change method of integration. Define integrals: Application to areas, volumes

PHY 101

Motion in one dimensional plane. Work and energy, conservation, laws, oscillation, solid friction, rotational kinematics 

and rotational dynamics, equilibrium of rigid bodies, gravitation Galilean invariance, surface tension elasticity and viscosity.